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The TEMPL method is a science-based approach to real and sustainable transformation and longevity.

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Program Overview

The TEMPL method is a science-based approach to real and sustainable transformation and longevity. If aging strong in all areas of your life is important to you, then you are in the right place. In this program, you will improve your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional strength.

Take control of your future

Invest in yourself. Thrive. Expand. You can age strong

It is never too late to live your dreams. Start a new career, earn financial independence, buy your dream home, travel the world, and accomplish anything that you have always dreamed of.

Inspire others

Throughout your TEMPL journey, others will see you doing new things, positive things, and challenging things. You could be the spark to ignite the excitement in someone you love.

4 Disciplines

TEMPL Method will help you reach your goals through teaching you these 4 Disciplines during our 9 month transformation program:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Thermal Contrast Therapy
  • How it works

    You will meet with your coach 1-3x a week throughout the program depending on the package you select.

    You will update your progress and discuss successes and failures every week.

    As you progress through the program you will journal your experiences.

    Upon completing the program you will be able to figure things out independently. But you will forever be a member of the TEMPL program. You will continue to meet with your coach once a month to touch base for one year after completing the program. After one year you will meet with your coach annually.


    The TEMPL method will take you far beyond the typical “eat right and exercise” advice given to you since you were an adolescent. Our program will give you the tools to change your perspective on not only exercise but will help you unlock and remove known and hidden roadblocks that are keeping you from being consistent. You will revitalize your passions and reveal the true you.

    At age 45 program creator Dr. Parsons had a wake-up call, finding himself overweight, consuming excess amounts of alcohol, and having to stay home while his wife exercised, he was fed up. In pain, fat, and frustrated Dr. Parsons set out to reverse the course of his life. Through education, research, and personal experiences in the very same TEMPL program, Dr. Parsons saved his life and began to stop all of the effects of premature aging he had been experiencing. Now at age 51, Dr. Parsons is enjoying his grandchildren and loves having a friendship with his adult children. Being physically able to exercise and embark on outdoor activities free of pain is truly something he will not put a price tag on.