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The TEMPL method is a science-based approach to real and sustainable transformation and longevity.

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Program Overview

The TEMPL method is a science-based approach to real and sustainable transformation and longevity. If aging strong in all areas of your life is important to you, then you are in the right place. In this program, you will improve your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional strength.


The Team

Dr. Jon Parsons

At age 45 program creator Dr. Parsons had a wake-up call, finding himself overweight, consuming excess amounts of alcohol, and having to stay home while his wife exercised, he was fed up. In pain, fat, and frustrated Dr. Parsons set out to reverse the course of his life. Through meditation, education, research, and personal experiences in the very same TEMPL program, Dr. Parsons saved his life and began to stop all of the effects of premature aging he had been experiencing. ...

Now at age 51, Dr. Parsons is enjoying his grandchildren and loves having a friendship with his adult children. Being physically able to exercise and embark on outdoor activities free of pain is truly something he will not put a price tag on.

Dr. Parsons holds an undergraduate degree in exercise sciences and sports performance, a masters degree in education, and a doctorate in education leadership. He began teaching and coaching in 1991. He has coached at every level of athletic competition. He has counseled and worked with countless individuals to navigate through the stresses of living in a modern world. Dr. Parsons resides in Tucson with his wife Christa.

Christa Parsons

Christa has been an athlete and health minded individual her entire life. Yet, like many busy adults juggling family, career, and fitness Christa found herself needing some coaching and assistance regaining her former top level physical fitness. When she met future husband and personal trainer, Dr. Jon, she had no idea how much her life was about to change. Fast forward 13 years, Christa is the nutrition coach for TEMPL Method. With a certification in Functional Nutrition and years of experience in the kitchen and bakery, both personally and professionally, Christa has created a number of healthy solutions for any lifestyle.

Christa has coached and trained professionally for 10 years. She’s earned a degree in hotel and restaurant management, and is certified functional nutrition coach. Christa is also a graduate of the TEMPL Method program.